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South Rim Shoshone Point Wedding Site

Shoshone Point is hard to find on a map which makes this wedding site location extremely sought after and it is the ONLY site for a catered event. ALL Shoshone Point weddings requires a Permit which grants access to the gated 1 mile road out to the point. While your permit gives you access to the road, it does not grant private access. There is a parking lot before the gate and those who know about Shoshone are free to hike in.

The turn off is located off the East Rim Road at mile marker 242. The drive from the Grand Canyon Village is about 20 minutes depending on traffic and from Tusayan, just outside the park, count on 45 minutes with additional delays depending on how busy the park entrance gates may be.

Upon arrival at the parking lot and the end of the road, you will find a composting restroom, a covered pavilion with 6 picnic tables, grills, fire pits (depending on burn restrictions) as well as several picnic tables along the rim. Please note, vehicles are no longer able to drive so close to the rim.

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South Rim Grand Canyon Weddings

With over 20 years experience in planning and conducting extreme wedding ceremonies in remote locations we have what it takes to make your canyon wedding dreams come true.

We know how hard planning a destination wedding can be.
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South Rim Grand Canyon Weddings
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From the banquet area facing the canyon, the path out to the point starts off to the left, follows along the rim and then drops down several steps along a rock steps. This can be very hard for some to navigate so you may want to take into account the abilities of all your guests. As you can see above, there are some wonderful wedding sites along the rim by the banquet area too if you have guests who can’t make it out to the point. You can always hike out for pictures. Once down the steps, the path leads out to the monolith and the point beyond. There are rack boulders for guests to sit on out at the point. The views are breathtakingly beautiful and it is quiet and void of the many visitors at other sites.

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